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Hi!  Welcome to my page! I'm so excited to have you here.  My name is Melissa Scandariato and I'm a certified Coach. 

I've always loved helping people.   And I can handle the tough stuff, whether it's losing someone you love, going through a breakup, divorce, or just needing someone to help you see the old patterns you just can't get past, so that you can level up.  Areas I specialize in are relationships, law of attraction, money manifestation, overcoming money blocks, self love, and finding your boundaries.

I'm a certified Enneagram Coach.  If you haven't heard of the Enneagram, it's a type of personality test similar to Myers Briggs, but on Steroids.  It's crazy accurate and has been so helpful to myself and my friends and family.  I'm also a former Business Consultant with LegalZoom, and I've been helping people for as long as I can remember. :O) I'm also finishing up a certification through Playing Big, so more to come on that later!

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