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Hi!  Welcome to my page! I'm so excited to have you here.  My name is Melissa Scandariato and I'm a certified Coach. 

I've always loved helping people.   And I can handle the tough stuff, whether it's losing someone you love, going through a breakup, divorce, or just needing someone to help you see the old patterns you just can't get past, so that you can level up.  Areas I specialize in are relationships, law of attraction, money manifestation, overcoming money blocks, self love, and finding your boundaries.

I'm a certified Enneagram Coach.  If you haven't heard of the Enneagram, it's a type of personality test similar to Myers Briggs, but on Steroids.  It's crazy accurate and has been so helpful to myself and my friends and family.  I'm also a former Business Consultant with LegalZoom, and I've been helping people for as long as I can remember. :O) I'm also finishing up a certification through Playing Big, so more to come on that later!

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Caryn M.

"Thank God for Melissa!  She is a strong, caring and intuitive woman!  She has helped me find my voice, strengthen my personal boundaries and improve my self esteem (after a divorce).  She has also helped me recognize areas of self criticism that have been self defeating patterns over time.  She intuitively sees things in me and draws out my strength giving me hope and confidence that I'm on my way to rediscovering myself and reaching my potential.  She does it with authenticity and a fabulous sense of humor!  Highly recommend!"

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“Happiness, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour”

Walt Whitman

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